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May, 1, 2010

Hello all,

We had some strong wind this last week which beat my plants quite a bit, bent down the tomatoes and bent some of the corn leaves. This update,  I have to say everything is growing good and fast, the corn is starting to produce tassels and some are producing silk. The pumpkin plants are probably the one’s that surprised me the most, the way it’s growing outward is cool, small bulbs are starting to form where the flowers are which means they’re going to start to look more like pumpkin soon.

The Zucchini is coming along great as well, the plants look very happy and are full of flowers, the pepper plants are starting to produce more and more peppers, around the end of the month is when most of these veggies will be ready to be harvested. The Tomatoes are growing great, the Big Boy kind are producing so many flowers and already has a bunch of golf sized tomatoes clinging to their vines. Also the Yellow Bell tomatoes are producing a lot of fruit as well, you can see each vine has more than 8 little bells hanging from the vine.

I hope you liked the update, I’m very happy with how my vegetables seem really happy this season, this is only my second season growing and loving it. If you feel the urge to grow your favorite vegetables, do it! The taste from your own harvested vegetables is par none. Until next time world.

Most of my Garden

This is how I put my limited space to good use.

Small Pumpkins are starting to form along the vine.

The Corn is getting bigger, some of the stalks are starting to form small corn growths!

The Zucchini is coming along so nice, they're flowering now

Look at how the Jalapeños are coming 😀

A close up of a flowering Lemon Cucumber plant

A bunch of little vines of Yellow Bell Tomatoes

A peek into the underside of my Big Boy tomato plants, can't wait till they're done.

Not sure what this vine is, either a Pea or Bean plant

It looks real cool climbing up the fig branches