Plant update

looking up

Here’s a late update on my veggies  growth, they have been really healthy and growing fast. My veggies are already bigger as these pics are about 2 weeks old, but will post updated pictures in the next few days (promise) I hope you’re liking my blog this is my first time doing anything like this and would appriciate feedback.

My plants are very healthy and looking good, I had some problems with some catapilers eating my Patato leaves got rid of 3 worms so far. Before that I had a long fight with some red ants that liked biting me, finally they’ve been taken care of and my garden looks good. In about a month things will start getting ripe. IF you guys have any questions on my veggies feel free to ask.

Competion sized Pumpkins planted 7 stayed with 3

Corn, Bunching Onion, Patato, Tomatoes, Peppers

Here's my plot of Big Boy Hybrid tomato, about 6 plants.


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